Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT)

The Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology ANERT is a governmental agency working under the government of the state of Kerala. It works under the authority of the department of power management. The professionals at ANERT believe that the renewable energy is the only energy available that is clean, green and easily sustainable. Therefore they work on different projects based on the production and reuse of renewable energy. There are a lot of currently progressing energy projects including solar energy programs, biomass classification, small hydro programs, improved gas stoves, wind energy and a lot of other initiatives. They are also responsible for spreading awareness among the general public about the utilities and pros of renewable energy and the conservation of energy. ANERT has also established an energy education park for this purpose. The agency is highly appreciated by the government as well as the general public. It has won a lot of distinguished awards as well.

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