Antrix Corporation Limited

The website is dedicated to the Antrix Corporation limited. The company was added in 1992 and owned by the Government of India Company which comes under the administrative control of Department of Space. The company is known as the commercial arm of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The company is responsible for the promotion and exploitation of various products and services emanating from the Indian Space Programme. The company received the “MINI RATNA” status in 2008.
The website provides all the information on activities and events of the company. It also highlights various ISRO centers and provides information on the fundings and finances. The website highlights its major business activities which include, provisioning of communication satellite transponders for Indian users, satellite launches for international customers, marketing of data from India Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites to international customers and much more. You can get all the information on satellites, earth observation, and mission on this website.

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