Assam University

Assam University is one of the most well known and most well reputed educational institutes in the whole state of Assam. It is located in the city of Silchar, state of Assam. Assam University is one of the finest universities of the state that offers a variety of different educational courses on different fields of sciences and arts. There are 16 different schools in the university each of which has a full-fledged infrastructure and highly qualified faculty. The different schools offer education for 16 different fields including languages, social sciences, environmental sciences, technology, humanities, life sciences, information sciences, physical sciences and management sciences. These schools are further subdivided into 35 departments that offer specialized professional courses for all of these major subjects.
Assam University makes its way into the most elegant and productive universities of the whole country. It has produced a lot of successful professionals who have been serving the nation with some exceptional contributions.

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