Bangalore District, Karnataka

Bangalore is further subdivided into Bangalore Urban Region and Bangalore Rural Region. The urban region of Bangalore is commonly known as Bengaluru Urban. It is a district situated in the state of Karnataka, India. On the northern, eastern and western side of the district, there is the Bengaluru rural area called Bengaluru Rural District. In the southern direction is the district of Krishnagiri of the state of Tamil Nadu. In 1986, the Bengaluru district was sub-divided into two parts, Bengaluru urban and Bengaluru rural districts. There are four major taluks in the district of Bengaluru Urban including Anekal, Eastern Bengaluru, Southern Bengaluru and Northern Bengaluru.
According to a census conducted by the Indian government a few years back, Bengaluru Urban has a total population of 9588910 people. The population is approximately equal to the American state called North Carolina, or the country of Belarus. The major language of the region is Kannada.

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