Central Bureau of Narcotics

The central bureau of narcotics deals with the alleviation of drugs in the country. The responsibilities of the CBN include the control of opium and poppy cultivation in various districts of India, prevention of poppy growth in three major poppy-growing states, investigation of relevant cases that fall under the act NDPS act 1985, along with the filing of complaints in the courts. Moreover, they also work for the issuance of relevant licenses for the manufacture and cultivation of some synthetic narcotics, as well as the licenses for the imports or exports of synthetic legal drugs.
It is also the responsibility of CBN to issue no objection certificates for the import or export of an allowed range of precursor chemicals. India is a follower of the drug regulations devised by the United Nations. So, any of the points that are listed in the UN act against narcotics, India is bound to follow them all.

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