Central Electricity Authority (CEA)

The Central Electricity Authority CEA is a department of the federal Government of India. It basically is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Power. The CEA is the central governing body that deals with all the issues regarding the distribution and production of electric power. The department is subdivided into different wings or categories. The planning wing of the CEA is responsible for carrying out the process of surveying and other planning for how much energy will be required in the future and will the production be enough by then to fulfill the energy needs. The power system wing makes sure that all the infrastructure that provides the energy from the production unit to the end user is working fine. The hydro and thermal wings manage electricity production through hydro and thermal means. Moreover, there are economic and commercial wings, grid operation and distribution wings that have respective jobs so that the electricity flows fluently and uninterrupted.

To Know more visit https://cea.nic.in

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