Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI)

This is the official website of CFR, Dhanbad and contains information about the objective of the establishment of the institute, its vision & mission, its various campuses in the country.
The institute is a national laboratory under Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) and has been set up for research and development and to provide consultancy services for technological upgradation of Coal and other mineral based industries so that they can achieve their targeted productions while enhancing safety and improving economy of their operation and making them cleaner. The institute also aims to generate quality human capital in this field to augment the ongoing efforts. There are different specialized departments in the institute dedicated to a different process in coal and other mineral based industries. To be more specific, the institute has also identified numerous thrust areas for R&D. Different campuses of the institute are in Nagpur, Bilaspur, Roorkee, CIFMR Digwadih and Ranchi.

To Know more visit https://cmriindia.nic.in

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