Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB)

This website is dedicated to the Central Social Welfare Board and is also maintained by them. This board is supported by the Government of India and deals with providing welfare services to the less advantaged sections in the society. If you know someone who is in need of assistance and willing to work but does not have enough funds to manage it you can contact them for assistance. The website highlights the various schemes and assistance they provide to the section of the society who are less privileged.
The website deals with various information on their competencies, structures, service providers, blacklisted organizations and much more. If you are looking for any information on supporting the underprivileged you can contact them and inquire about the means and ways in which you can provide help to them. The website also puts various news and updates on the various activities of the welfare groups.

To Know more visit https://cswb.gov.in

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