Central University of Himachal Pradesh

The website is dedicated to the Central University of Himachal Pradesh. The Central University of Himachal Pradesh was established under the central universities Act 209 enacted by the parliament. The university receives the funds from the University Grants Commission and was functional since 2010. The university provides information and knowledge to various prospective students and provides them with the latest technologies and modes of education. They also offer various integrated courses on Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Technology in its programs. They provide training, teaching and learning process to its epitome.
The website provides all the information on the faculties, courses, admissions, and examinations from the various interdisciplinary courses of the institute. The website provides a faculty and students corner for specific information. The website provides all the notifications and updates on news, events, and activities of the Institute. The website provides all details on the officers of the university and various milestones of the university.

To Know more visit https://cuhimachal.ac.in

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