Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD)

The website is dedicated to Centre for DNA fingerprinting and Diagnostics. The website includes all the information related to the Centre. The website includes various sections which includes Services, Research, Publications and much more. The website provides details on various Awards and Honours designated to the Centre. The section of research provides information on various research topics that are being studied in the Centre and includes Bacterial Genetics, Cell Death and Cell Survival, Cell Cycle Regulation, Cell Signalling and much more. The website provides a facility for browsing the website on the basis of research topics too. The website is a great portal of information for the prospective students who are willing to work in this field of Science. The website highlights all the activities and events held in the Centre. The website flashes various news and updates associated with the Centre.
The website provides various quick links which navigate the user directly to the mentioned destination sites. The website provides a Students Zone for all information associated with them.

To Know more visit https://cdfd.org.in

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