Computerization and Computer Networking of Consumer Forums in Country (Confonet)

This site is an integral part of the CONFONET project, initiated to supplement the activities of consumer forums by means of information technology. Besides several relevant documents and links are there to help to protect consumer’s interest.

This online platform allows consumers to register their case, follow the case-status, review the case history and get the final judgment. The Homepage describes the rationale behind this project and shows the current statistics of consumer cases using online case monitoring system. Besides, a user can also get information on the services offered under CONFONET project. From this site, one knows about the scope and achievements of the project. A project related FAQ page is available and the option to provide feedback is also there. Consumers also benefit from the useful links provided on the site and they have the opportunity to follow their case status per SMS. There are important resources available in the site for the commissions and forums working in consumers’ interest.

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