Department of State Educational Research and Training

DERT is the acronym for Department of state educational research and training which a part of Department of Public Instruction related to academics. Their objective is to impart improved quality education at primary and secondary school levels and also provide educational direction in the state of Karnataka. DERT was initiated in 1964 at Dharawada town and was known as State Institute of Education (SIE). In 1986 after the formation of The National Policy of Education special attention was given to teacher’s education. DERT comprises of several administrative units like Teacher Education Unit (TE), State Education Evaluation Unit (SEEU), State Institute of Science (SIS), Education Technology Cell (ETC), SSA Training Cell and Adolescent Education Cell. Each unit has a specific function and objective which helps in improving the standard of education in the state and also the quality of teaching. They undertake a restructuring of education policies, prepare teachers handbook, coordinate with the state and other agencies, Support in educational research and do many other activities in order to create a better education level and enhance teacher development in Karnataka.

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