Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Maharashtra

Know about the Directorate of Economics and Statistics of Maharashtra from its official website. Know about the department, the functions and descriptions about the department, the survey, census, and statistics of the department, terms, and conditions, the RTI and rules, reports, etc. from the site. Users can find all the relevant data about the publications, survey, and statistics of the department, the eco. The survey, about the district offices, and other categories from the site. One can find enough data about the annual survey of industries, Disaggregated & Derived Tables of State Income, the Economic Census, about the Economic and Purpose Classification Report of State Govt. Budget, details about the Evaluation Survey, about the Factory Statistics, info on the National Sample Survey, about the National Sample Survey Adhoc Reports, details about the village and town’s Population Census, the various amenities in the village, etc. from the site. Users can also view the District Socio-Economic Review, the Economic Bulletin & Price Indices of Essential Commodities and other such data from the site.

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