Directorate of pension and pensioner’s welfare department Rajasthan, jaipur

The Directorate of pension and pensioner’s welfare Rajasthan Jaipur is an important body that is responsible for handling all issues related to pensions of the state. It was designed and is currently being hosted by the National informatics center. The site is home to many links which are aimed at enlightening the members of the general public on a number of issues. It is also a platform that the state Pensioner’s body uses to communicate with the major stakeholders including government-owned companies and the companies belonging to the private sector.
There are many links on the site for both pensioners and those seeking pensions. You can find a link for the RTI Act of 2005, RTI Act, RTI order 2005, Order for NPS, contact us, Citizen Charter, Pre-96 revision, AIS, Pension case checklist and Family Pension Quantum. The contact we and recruitment of manpower links are available.

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