Directorate of School Education, Haryana

This is the official website of the Department of School Education, Haryana. The site informs about the activities of the department to promote secondary education in Haryana and contains valuable resources pertaining to transfer in Haryana, promotion in Haryana, guest teachers, Arohi School etc.

The Homepage has useful information not only for students and parents but also for secondary school teachers. It informs about the administrative set up of the department, Government rules, and regulations, current Acts regarding school education in Haryana, schools in Haryana and their employees, Government order for teachers, projects and schemes are undertaken by the department etc. In the site, the authority has given a link to a magazine, especially published for children of Haryana. A user can also download relevant forms from this site. The contact information of the department is there along with continuous updates on current happenings. Besides, the site also contains information on current tenders and available vacancies within the department.

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