Drugs Control Department, Kerala

dc.kerala.gov.in is the website for Drug Control department that it is working to ensure that every person gets quality drugs. The website is about how the department helps to ensure the availability of quality drugs to the public and the market that it is free of the counterfeit, substandard and spurious drugs or the drugs that are being sold at a higher price compared to the price that has been marked to the container. The website gives the information about many laws that regulate the user of the cosmetics and drugs where the safety of the consumer has to be protected.
The website has information about the drug and cosmetic acts, the drug price control orders, the drug, magic remedies and Kerala drugs with other store unlawful products that are unlawful. The department of the drug control started in the year 1961 and it is used to enforce the law about cosmetic and drugs. The website can also be used to report any problem with the quality of the drugs.

To Know more visit https://dc.kerala.gov.in

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