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The Indian National Science Academy was set up to actively participate in recognizing, rewarding and promoting excellence as well as journal publications.
The Indian National Science Academy is an Indian academy which participates actively in recognizing, rewarding and promoting excellence. Furthermore, they also engage in journal publications, monographs and proceedings production as well as scientific discussions organization. The academy was founded in 1935. Their major aim promotes scientific understanding and awareness for the welfare of India as well as for humanity’s cause. Their objectives include scientific knowledge promotion in India, coordinate scientific institutions, societies, and academies, safeguard and promote the interest of India’s scientists, publications of journals, memoirs, and proceedings, maintain and promote liaison between humanities and science, manage and secure endowments and funds for science promotion as well as assist in the performance of other acts. They have over the years recorded many achievements and also published a large number of publications.

To Know more visit https://insa.nic.in

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