East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

The Eastern Godavari district has a history similar to that of the state of Andhra. You may trace it back to the realm of the Nandas. The Nanda dynasty was founded by Mahapadma Nanda. He defeated several royal families who were ruling a vast area of Deccan. The later history of the realm of Nandas is a mystery, except the fact Dhana Nanda, the last ever Nanda ruler, was taken down by Chandragupta Maurya. In 1925 the West Godavari District was separated from the old Godavari District and the remainder is now known as the East Godavari District. The district is closely associated with the river Godavari.
The Headquarters of the District is situated at Kakinada. The district itself is located at the northeast Coast of Andhra Pradesh and is bounded by Visakhapatnam District in the north, the State of Orissa in the East, the Bay of Bengal in the south, and on the West by Khammam and West Godavari Districts.

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