Faridabad District, Haryana

The website is owned and maintained by the administration of the district. The aim of the website is to provide information to the people about the features of the city and the administration. The website introduces the city as a historic one, and the historic importance of the city has been informed about. In addition, the location of the area has been detailed about as well.
The website provides information on the administration of the district and the different departments that manage different areas of responsibility in the region, such as security, health, and development of the city. The address and contact information of the Mini Secretariat has been provided for the people’s access to their representatives. For the promotion of industrial activities, information on the associations has been provided so that people know the industry trends and opportunities in the area.
The website provides services to the people of the Faridabad district, such as the provision of the forms for the applications for different certificates.

To Know more visit https://faridabad.nic.in

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