Fatehabad District, Haryana

The Fatehabad is majorly made up of 102 villages from Barwala tehsil which was abolished on the 1st of January 1891.
Fatehabad was first inhabited by Aryans who expanded onto the land. Fatehabd seemed to be a part of the Pandavas Kingdom. The district of Fatehabad was initially under the empire of Nanda. There are also proof that Fatehabad was part of the empire of Mauryan. In 1798, Tohana and Agroha was under George Thomas’ control The Marathas later drove George Thomas out and took control of the area. The British however ruled the area from 1803 with Surji Anjangaon’s treaty. The district of Sirsa was later abolished in November of 1884. The 139 villages of Barwala tahsil were later shared on the 1st of January 1891 and Barwala tehsil was abolished. Out of the 139 villages, 102 was shared to Fatehabad and another 13 villages was shared to Bhiwani tahsil from Hissar tahsil which resulted in the establishment of a sub-tahsil in Fatehabad tahsil.

To Know more visit https://fatehabad.gov.in

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