Forest Department, Govt of Chhattisgarh

This website belongs to the Forest Department of the Government of Chattisgarh. The forest department of Chattisgarh is a very important department as it sees to the implementation, planning, monitoring and evaluation of forestry and state environmental programs. This website gives details about the forest and Forest Department. The forest has been divided area wise into the reserved forest area and protected forest area; the website records the area covered by each of them. They have mentioned the types of forests in Chattisgarh and given an estimate of the areas covered by dense forest and open forest. The climate of the past 10 years is also provided here. A photograph of the forest minister is given on the site and his name is mentioned. Apart from that, details about IFS officers, the name, and details about the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest are also provided. The various rules and regulations related to the Forest Department have been listed on the site.

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