Geological Survey of India (GSI)

Geological Survey of India is responsible for management of geo-information and geo-scientific data through laboratory studies and continuous field surveys.
Geological Survey of India is an organization in India which is responsible for generating a large quantity of geo-scientific data through the management of geo-information. The organization which has been in existence for over 155 years distributes the information through unpublished reports, publications, and maps. They also provide information requested by enterprises, departments, educational institutions and public entrepreneurs in the public and private sector of India. The information is often related to the industrial, urban, infrastructure, environmental and mineral planning sectors of India. The interest of multinational and national businesses in the mineral sector of India since a new mineral policy was enacted and the MMDR Act of 1993 was amended has resulted in the need for accurate geo-scientific data. The Geological Survey of India has been responsible for providing this data to organizations who request for it.

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