GOI Web Directory – Directory of Official web sites of Government of India

The Government of India Web Directory (GOI) serves as an intermediate for individuals or entities looking for points of contact for government officials. The site provides links for further information gathering in relation to government structure. Also, GOI has contact information for further correspondence.
The GOI serves as an information hub for those looking for a greater understanding of the workings of the Indian government. Also, the site provides links to the agriculture, education and industry sectors of the government. Links that pertain to the President and Vice President of India are present, as well as the Prime Minister’s Office and Autonomous Bodies. The site also has links for other officially sanctioned government entities which promote government ideals of legality. The GOI also has links for the Legislative and Judicial branches of government. Following that vein, the site also has information in relation to the Union Government which provide insight into the academies and autonomous bodies present in the Indian government.

To Know more visit https://goidirectory.gov.in

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