Government Orders, Government of Telangana

The website of the Telangana Secretariat of the Government of Telangana is created for the civilians to easily find the latest and archived government orders. Just fill in the details on the homepage, and all the records as per the details can be easily found for reference purposes. Department, section, type of the report, date, category, and text are the fields that you need fill for finding the required reports.
The Government of Telangana’s Secretariat website is created to allow civilians to easily search the government orders. Users can find all the latest orders, as well as there is a separate option to find the reports that are archived. Just fill the details about the government order you need to find and the report will be available on your screen within seconds. Users now don’t have to visit the secretariat office to search for the reports, they can simply do it themselves with the help of this website.

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