Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission

The Electricity Regulatory Commission in Gujarat was established to regulate Gujarat’s electricity sector efficiently, effectively and transparently for the benefit of consumers.
The Electricity Regulatory Commission in Gujarat was set up on the 12th of November, 1998 through the provision of the act of the 1998 Electricity Regulatory Commissions. It was later moved under the 2003 Act on Electricity after the 1998 Act was removed. Its major function is to carry out regulations in the sector on electricity in Gujarat in an efficient, effective and transparent way so as to cater to consumers’ interest. There have thus been constant interactions between the electricity sector stakeholders through power utilities coordination forum in Gujarat, the advisory committee of Gujarat and the forum on redressal of consumer grievance with a view to dealing with problems as they arise. The electricity regulatory commission in Gujarat has thus taken active steps in encouraging usage of energy sources that are renewable.

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