Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB)

The website is dedicated to Gujarat Pollution Board which is an ISO 14001 Certified Organization. The website includes information on the Board, Projects, Environmental clearance and much more. The website is a great portal to understand and learn more about pollution control. The website provides information on its various projects which includes Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Programmes, Water Quality Monitoring Programmes, Emission Trading Scheme and Wastech International Summit and Expo. The website provides a listing of various do’s and don’ts for the users for maintaining the quality of air and water. Various methods are shown to prevent the pollution of air and water. The website also flashes news and updates from the Board. The website flashes various important dates associated with the Board.
The website provides resources which include Application Forms, CETP in Gujarat, Publications, Statistics and Environment laws. The website also contains an FAQ section for answering common questions of the users.

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