Health and Family Welfare Department, Delhi

The site is dedicated to the Health and Family Welfare Department of Delhi Government of NCT. The site provides the entire information related to health needs and information on various health departments. The department also deals with the provision of various facilities to the healthcare section to provide health-related services to the citizens of Delhi. The site provides all the information you need related to hospitals, facilities and healthcare facilities you can receive.
The department is headed by Principal Secretary and he has the responsibility of controlling activities in various departments under the big umbrella of this department. The different authorities include Department of Health and family welfare, Delhi AIDS society, Hospitals which come under the government of NCT Delhi, CATS, Directorate of Food adulteration and many more. The site provides all the information associated with the healthcare departments, hospitals and updated news on various activities and issues. The website also provides information and links to other important health-related sites. The site also provides information on different schemes and guidelines for healthcare.

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