Hindustan Newsprint Limited (HNL)

The Hindustan Newsprint Limited HNL is situated at a point called Velloor in the district of Kottayam in the state of Kerala, India. It was established on 7th June 1983 under the joint authorities of the Department of Heavy Industry and the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises. Earlier on, it was a part of the Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (HPC).
For the past many decades, Hindustan Newsprint Limited has been producing premium quality newsprint for local, as well as international market. The product competes for some of the finest products in the overall global market. The company has the heavy infrastructure, designed to produce heavy lots of the product. At present, there is a production capacity of almost 100000 MT per year for the production of newsprint of 45 & 49 GSM. HNL has not only been playing its role in the national development but it also has been bringing pride to the country.

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