Hingoli District, Maharashtra

Visitors to Hingoli District, Maharashtra, and web portal will find a lot of information on the district’s location, administration as well as Tourism places such as Aundha Nagnath, Mallinath Digambar, Tulajadevi Sansthan and Sant Namdev Sansthan. Short profiles of the district’s MP and Members of the Legislative Assembly are also available.

Detailed information on the various government departments such as land, rehabilitation, mining, planning and public welfare are available, as well as details on the national informatics centers. Other important links to government policies, all India education survey, AGMARKNET and public works department for the government of Maharashtra as well as many others are also provided on the site.

Users can also find information on the District’s administration building, achievements, a telephone directory as well as a photo gallery of the various attraction sites in the district. Information on the E.G.S department’s Aims, Objectives, achievements, schemes, and structure can also be found on the site. Users can also access details on the N.F.F.W scheme.

To Know more visit https://hingoli.gov.in

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