Housing and Urban Development Department, Odisha

This is the official website for the Housing and Urban Development Department of the Government of Odisha. The site provides descriptions of the past activities, ongoing projects and future visions of the department. Users can find information about the structure of the department, the officials and elected representatives of the body, the urban geography of the state, and urban tourism in Odisha. Descriptions of the official bodies working within this department in areas of town planning, water supply, and sewerage, public health, infrastructure, and planning are provided on the website. Users can also access a repository of the official documents of the department such as budgets, reports, gazettes, acts and rules of government of India related to urban planning and development. Tenders and advertisements placed by the department can be accessed through the site. Link to the FAQs, feedback and suggestions, contact and RTI are also given on the website.

To Know more visit https://urbanodisha.gov.in

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