Integrated Social Pension Portal (Samajwadi Pension Scheme), Uttar Pradesh

Integrated Social Pension Portal (Samajwadi Pension Scheme), Uttar Pradesh was launched on 5th November 2015. T has been developed to have a common portal for all beneficiaries of pension schemes. The Samajwadi Pension is given to about 40 lakh beneficiaries, old age pension to about 38 lakhs beneficiaries, widow pensioners to 17 lakhs and handicapped pensioners to 7 lakh beneficiaries. These different government-sponsored schemes are very beneficial to the rural people. According to an estimate made by the government, these pension schemes will benefit around 40 lakh families in Uttar Pradesh. These schemes are framed keeping in mind the weaker and backward sections of the society. These pension schemes are linked with education, health, and literacy. The cardholder can attain free education and medical treatment. This portal can store data of about one crore beneficiaries. With the assistance of National Informatics Centre and the state government departments, Uttar Pradesh has been successful in integrating the State Bank of India with the state treasury through Public finance management system (PFMS).

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