Jalgaon District, Maharashtra

The Marathas Sarkar established a city in Western India called as Jalgaon. Khandesh, an irrigated agricultural productive area is located just near Jalgaon which is why it has Municipal Corporation and was called by 460468 inhabitants. The city has now been modernized and it now has educational institutes, hospitals, major industrial areas, communication and transport infrastructure. It is also known as the Banana city as it contributes to about half of the Maharashtra state’s Banana production. It has varied climate, can be really hot in summers and the temperature can get pleasant in winters. Jalgaon is also one of the world’s largest pulse milling centers, also produces jewelry, cotton, banana, drugs, cosmetics, clothing, consumable goods like paints, hardware so Jalgaon contributes heavily to the country’s economy. Jalgaon has hosted a number of musical concerts. It has many tourist attractions such as Ajanta Caves, Pad Malaya (Ganesh temple), Manu Devi, Mehran Lake, Muktainagar temple, Pal Sanctuary, and Unapdev: Hot water spring. Jalgaon is an industrial center in drip irrigation, pipe manufacturing, fruit processing, pulse milling, biofertilizer production, green and solar energy, mattress manufacturing and printing of educational books.

To Know more visit https://jalgaon.gov.in

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