Janmabhoomi – Maa Vooru, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

The JanmabhoomiMaaVooru, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh is a government launched a programme which is centered in the development and welfare programme. The programme is mainly done in campaign mode. The official site of the JanmabhoomiMaaVooru, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, offers all the details about the programmes. Some of the thrust areas that the programme is involved in include pensions, health camps, veterinary camps and many more other areas. The site is well organized and offers a well-structured platform that is easily navigated. As a user you can easily access info about the mission of the JanmabhoomiMaaVooru, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, their campaign and so much more. Also, you can have a look at the various surveys that they have conducted. The site is quite responsive and offers all that you need to know about JanmabhoomiMaaVooru, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

To Know more visit https://jbmv.ap.gov.in

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