Karnataka Public Service Commission

The public service commission of India handles all matters related to the public services. It is a body that is responsible for the employment of public servants in a number of institutions across the country. The Karnataka public service commission is responsible for handling all public service commission issues in the southern region of India. It has a website which has a lot of information on a number of issues. There are links on the latest job interviews that the service is currently handling, latest events, notable guidelines, eligibility lists and press notes.
This is the site where you can find links for certain job applications that the public service handles. For example, you can find links for job applications to become FDA/SDA. You can also come across news related to job interviews, examinations and upcoming vacancies that the commission is handling. The proper format of each document to be submitted during interviews is also available.

To Know more visit https://kpsc.kar.nic.in

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