Karnataka State Bar Council

The website of the Karnataka State Bar Council not only serves as a site for conveying information regarding the bar to the concerned people, but it also acts as a source of availing the various services that the bar and its members offer.
The member’s list that is there on the site contains a directory of all the bar members, the structure of the KSCB and so on. It also has various other sections like the welfare fund section for the employees of the KSBC, the Enrollment Section for new prospective members of the bar, as well as the Law Academy Section for different institutions.
Different circulars of the Bar Council and Notifications, including Disciplinary Notifications issued under the KSBC, are all there on the website for people to view access and, if of use, reply to as well. All other related acts, rules, and queries can be answered from via the KSBC website as well.

To Know more visit https://ksbc.org.in

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