Kerala State Agricultural Department

Kerala Department of Agriculture website is intended to work for the betterment of the farmers and their cultivation by providing all information a farmer may need for an improved life. The Kerala Department of Agriculture website keeps the users updated with the latest agricultural information, for the benefit of the cultivators. It also provides a list of various notices, schemes, plans, and circulars released by the Kerala Department of Agriculture to keep the farmers updated.

The Kerala Department of Agriculture website, also named as Krashika Keralam in the local language, is advantageous for the farmers as it gives all the information a farmer requires for plantation, such as types of crops that can be cultivated on the land of Kerala, steps to cultivate them, packaging, price lists for the crops, types of soils and how to identify which crop will suit in the present soil. The website also gives an overview of the publications released by the department. There is a list of institutions as well that are controlled by the Kerala Department of Agriculture.

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