Khunti Zilla, Ranchi District, Jharkhand

The district of Khunti is located in the Jharkhand state of India. It is known to be the twenty-third district within the South Chotanagpur division in the state of Jharkhand, India. Khunti has separated from the district Ranchi on 12th September 2007. The town, Khunti forms the headquarter of the whole district of Khunti. According to the census conducted by the Indian Government in 2011, Khunti is known to be the second least populated district out of the twenty-four districts in the Indian state of Jharkhand.
Khunti is a very peaceful and beautiful area. It is known for its secular peace and harmony. The residents of the district have tribal affiliations and very friendly and possess a very simple lifestyle. It is a very nice place to travel to. The weather here is beautiful and you will be well treated by some beautiful dense forests, streams and religious landmarks.

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