Labour Department, Haryana

This website is about labour Department Haryana, which is based in Chandigarh. The website provides information about labour Laws, labour Policy, Factories Act, Shop Act, and the Citizen Charter.
The labour Department has a detailed and extensive role to play in order to maintain the Industrial Peace in the State. It keenly follows labour issues and is always in the forefront of resolving each of them by making a timely intervention. The problems get solved through proper negotiations, arbitrations, adjudications and even conciliations. This Department is dedicated to ensure the expeditious settlement of the disputes by encouraging bi-partite negotiations (Workers and Management) and even enters into tri-partite negotiations when the need occurs. The disputes which do not get settled are referred to the labour Courts or Tribunal Courts for adjudication. Any verdict of the labour or Tribunal Court is accepted which later gets published by the State Government and is then implemented in a fair manner.

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