Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

The Liquid Propulsion System Centre is a subsidiary of The Indian Space Research Organization. LPSC is working for the development and production of liquid and cryogenic propulsion stages for satellites and launch vehicles. They have also been working on different space programs. They are responsible for providing stages, engines, launch vehicle components, and associated control systems for the space programs conducted by the ISRO.
LPSC has two centers of operation. The headquarter is located in Valiamala, Kerala. The other site is situated at Bengaluru, Karnataka. The headquarter performs different activities like basic R&D on propulsion systems to be used with different space projects, designing of new machinery, conduction of different tests and researches, space projects management, engines and stage systems management, etc. on the other hand, the Bengaluru center is responsible for designing components like thrusters, assembling and handling of spacecraft systems, development of transducers, and management of space programs.

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