Local Government Directory (LGD)

This is the website of the Local Government Directory. The main objective of Local Government Directory is to make it easy for state departments to update the directory with information about newly formed panchayats and local bodies, also to update any reorganization in the panchayat, or to update conversions from rural to urban areas. By updating everything on the website, the same information is now provided on a public domain. The key features of the Local Government Directory are listed on the website. Various reports giving details of all the states, districts, blocks, wards, villages etc. can be viewed on this site. A Citizen Section has been provided where one can register, to get notifications via SMS or email from the site. All the training conducted by LGD have been listed and their attendance rate has also been given. An LGD app is available for download from the site and the FAQ section answers any queries regarding LGD.

To Know more visit https://lgdirectory.gov.in

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