Lok Sabha Television (LSTV)

The Lok Sabha Television is the website that serves to telecast live the proceeding of the Lok Sabha, in other words, the House of the People of the Indian Parliament. The channel not only does live telecasting but also serves to produce and endorse a number of documentaries and talk shows, related to such important and varied topics as democracy, the foreign affairs, governance, social and economic issues and so on and so forth. Award-winning documentaries and feature films are televised on the channel as well. The channel has given on the website a list of all the programs that are to be featured in the upcoming hours and days and this helps the regular viewers of the channel. There is also a section for the parliamentary diary and a message from the Chief Executive Officer of the television channel, along with a section that caters to interviews regarding important personalities.

To Know more visit https://loksabhatv.nic.in

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