Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board (MPCCB), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

The website is dedicated to Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board. The website provides all the information on the Board and its various activities for controlling pollution in the State. The website contains various details on Madhya Pradesh Government, Divisions, Legislations, Ministry of Environment and Forests and much more. The website provides information on Harmful Effects of Electro Magnetic Field Radiation emitted from Mobile Towers, Rainwater Harvesting and various other pollution-related information. The website is a great portal of information for understanding and mitigating various sources of pollution. The website provides information on Employees Provident Fund and various Office Orders. The website flashes various news and updates associated with the Board.
The website contains a Notice section which highlights various notices from the Board. The website also provides the information on Industries responsible for polluting the Ganga and Narmada River by dumping treated effluent. The website also provides the facility of online Application for Air, Water, and Hazardous Content Authorization.

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