Maharashtra SNA: Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA)

In the late 1970s, the world experienced a heavy oil shock. This was the time when people started to look for other sources of energy that could be renewed. Keeping these issues in mind, the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency was created. Those days, it was urged to look for renewable sources of energy like solar energy, water energy, wind energy, biomass energy, etc. So, the engineers started looking to put these energies to use. In the 1980s, a ministry of renewable energy was created by the Government of India. That’s when the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency came into being. They have been working on how to implement the renewable sources of energy in daily life. After all these years, the agency has developed into a big institute that performs different sorts of researches and has been running different projects of renewable energy. Integrated Rural Energy Planning has been a strong suit of the agency for many decades.

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