Mau District, Uttar Pradesh

Mau is a district in Uttar Pradesh and is a part of Azamgarh Division. Mau has a tremendous sports history. Many sportsmen have emerged from these districts who are record holders and national champions. Mau has a population of about 2,205,170 and it ranks 206th in India for its population. The main occupation over here is agriculture. The district has different administrative departments like District Ganna department, District backward welfare department, district forest department, district groundwater department, district food market department etc. Besides these, the district also has a district registry office, Basic Shiksha Adhikari office, district election office, district Panchayat raj office etc. Under Tehsil Divas the civilians can complain about their grievances and problems to the authorized personnel. The district has set up many schemes such as Jan Seva/ Suvidha Kendra, Revenue courts, Tehsil Divas, Bhulekh, Indra Awas Yojana, Scholarships, Sankhyakiya Patrika, digital diary of Ambedkar grams, Vahan online etc. that are formed for the benefits of the districts and its residents.

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