Ministry of Steel

This is the official website of the Ministry of Steel of the Government of India. The Ministry is mainly responsible for overseeing the growth and development of the Iron and Steel industry in India, of formulating policies on steel production, pricing, and distribution, as well as guidelines for the importation and exportation of iron, steel and other alloys. It is also in charge of developing the input industries, such as those from the public sector, which are related to iron ore, manganese ore, refractories and others which are necessary to the steel industry.

The website provides information on the ministry’s Administrative set-up, organization set-up, the Parliament unit of the ministry, Citizen Charter, as well as reports, an archive of articles relevant to the steel industry, tenders, etc. It also has a grievance redress mechanism, listing the officials who are responsible for managing grievances in the Ministry and it’s Public Sector Undertakings or PSUs.

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