National Bal Bhavan

The National BAL Bahavan is an institution that aims at bettering and promoting creativity amongst the children. On this site, you can access various resources regarding the organization including press publications. This site is full of various services and resources prospective viewers can make use of or utilize. You can view National BAL Bhavan’s Vision, Mission, and Objectives and access various press publications to find out various activities related to National BAL Bhavan’s operations. The site also has a link called membership affiliation which allows prospective members to download various enrolment or membership forms. The site has a nice blue and tan color scheme and follows a simple noncomplex design. It has a horizontal menu bar and a vertical menu bar which allows for easy use and navigation. The site is informative, attractive and kept simple in design. What is an appealing aspect of the website is that each page does not contain too much copy?
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This is the official website of National BAL Bahavan which aims at promoting Creativity amongst the children through education.

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