National Disaster Response Force and Civil Defence

The National Disaster Response Force is a subsidiary of the Government of India. It is a force constituted under the authority of the Disasters Management Act in order to facilitate and rescue the general public in case of a natural catastrophe or any sort of a man-made disaster. A few years back, the government has assigned the force with an additional responsibility of Civil Defense.
The basic aim behind the creation of this quick response force is to train the inducted personnel about what to do in order to save as many people as possible in case of a natural disaster like an earthquake, flood, thunderstorm, tsunami, etc., or in case of a man-made disaster like war. The professionals are given proper training to achieve these sorts of assignments. The National Disaster Response Force has always been there whenever there is some sort of catastrophe in the country. Lots of people today are living because they were rescued by the highly trained professionals of NDRF.

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