NIT Online Counseling, Centralized Counseling for M.Tech and M.plan, Jaipur

Centralized Counseling for M.Tech./ M.Arch. /M.Plan (CCMT) is a centralized platform that makes it easier for students who desire to apply for M.Tech., M.Arch and M.Plan courses.
Centralized Counseling for M.Tech./ M.Arch. /M.Plan admits students for M.Tech., M.Arch. and M.Plan. programmes based on what they scored in their GATE score from reputed institutions in India. Initially, prospective students had to register in various institutions as well as go through different interviews and counseling in various institutions to gain admission which is stressful. Centralized Counseling for M.Tech./ M.Arch. /M.Plan, however, creates a central point where this prospective student only has to fill one application form online to apply for the programme in all the institutions where they are qualified. This has helped to reduce the stress of the prospective students as they no longer have to travel long distances to different institutions for exams which sometimes overlaps.

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