Official Website of Sikkim Tourism

The website is dedicated to the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department of Sikkim. The website is supported by the Government of Sikkim. The website provides all the information for the traveler regarding the various beautiful locations and tourist spots. The website aggregates all the information you need to have before packing up and traveling to Sikkim. The website flashes the catch line for Sikkim, which says “Sikkim, where nature smiles”. And definitely, it is an apt statement as all the locations and spots are breathe taking and beautiful. You can get an up, a close and personal encounter with nature, in Sikkim. The website provides various information which is very vital for a traveler and includes, places to visit, general information and maps.
The website also shows a list of various fairs and festivals which can help the traveler to plan accordingly and attend the fun included in the fairs and festivals of the local public. The website displays various highlights of the place along with pictures to give you an idea about the place. The other information on the site includes about pilgrimage tourism, culture, village tours, caves, flora and fauna, lakes and glaciers, trekking and wildlife sanctuaries.

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