Ordnance Factory, Muradnagar (OFM), Uttar Pradesh

This is an Indian of Ordnance Factory, Muradnagar (OFM), one of the metallurgical factories which comprises a unit of OFB under the Ministry of Defence. This website provides information about the steel castings for aerial bombs, ammunitions item, castings of tanks (armored or unarmoured) and various items like armored vehicle and steel forgings. The website provides the information about the transplantation of projects in the different area of the district. It provides detailed information about steel castings and about the factory possessions for making of different castings and forgings. Similarly, this website provides different information about steel castings and vehicle forgings, ingot molds, castings, bombs, flare, grenades, etc. to different sister companies.
It also provides the testing facilities information like Mechanical tests, Metallographic tests, Chemical tests and Radiography tests. The website is kept updated with the changing needs of the services. Therefore, this website can be regarded as the leading website that provides information about the metallurgical factory.

To Know more visit https://ofm.gov.in

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